The number of refugees has been increasing to-date; therefore, more support is needed to respond to humanitarian needs.

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Location: Kabingo- Isingiro Town, Isingiro District


To become a multi-sectoral implementing partner capable of providing excellent protection services and mixed solutions in humanitarian emergencies that can transform living standards as a global operation.


To transform the mindset of the refugees to participate in the socio-economic development through participatory approaches to achieve meaningful community development.


To transform the refugee settlement into a standard operating system for service delivery through;

 Enhancing self-reliance and improving the general livelihoods of refugees.

  Protecting and conserving the environment and natural resources through community based environmental conservation and protection initiatives

 Linking refugee operation to the national frame work

 Promoting peaceful co-existence with the host community

 Development of trading activities

Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development is a Public Tertiary Institution specialized in social development training, research, advocacy, outreaches and consultancies. It was founded in 1953, currently under the Ministry of Education and Sports. The Institute also carries out capacity building in the social development sector for the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development and justice law and order sector.

Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development (NTISD)- UNHCR Project is a project established out of a tripartite agreement involving the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representation in Uganda, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development (NTISD) to provide protection and mixed solutions to refugees. It was started in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in 2009 implementing community service and livelihoods, but since its inception, it has expanded to three settlements including: Oruchinga in Isingiro District, Kyaka II in Kyegegwa District, and Rwamwanja in Kamwenge District.

The Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development (NTISD)- UNHCR project seeks to protect and restore environment and natural resources and promote safe access to sustainable energy and green livelihoods; create self-reliance and improve livelihood; and the provision of adequate quantity and quality of water supply, sanitation and hygiene services to approximately 470,000 refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, Liberia and Pakistan; and hosting populations in the locations below;

WASH LOT 3 (Isingiro)
ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT LOT 4 (Kyaka II, Rwamwanja, Kyangwali, Ntoroko)