The number of refugees has been increasing since 2009; therefore, more support is needed to respond to humanitarian needs of this increasing number.

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The Settlement is located in Isingiro in Western Uganda

 No of Occupants:

7,734 Refugees

Origin of Refugees:

Congolese, Rwandan and Burundians

Sectors Implemented

 Livelihoods, Self-reliance and Community Service

 Environment and Natural Resources Management

 Safe Access to Fuel & Energy (SAFE)

 CTA(Community Technology Access)

Oruchinga Settlement

PUBLISHED — 24-April-2017

oruchinga settlement

Officials getting information from the community in Oruchinga Settlement

Ongoing Activities

    • Environment: Includes activities such as sensitization on environmental conservation, tree planting in schools, community woodlots and households, sand-mine restoration, training in tree seedling production, nursery bed management and wetland demarcation.
    • Energy: Includes activities such as research on renewable energy, energy saving stove construction, production of charcoal briquettes, sensitization of the community on biomass fuel or briquette use, provision of solar lights and distribution of charcoal briquettes.

Success Stories

Rural female farmers in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement have started growing traditional vegetables rich in micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to combat malnutrition, improve nutritional security and increase household incomes. Dutereimbere is a smallholder farmer group of 20 members comprised of 18 women and 2 men of Burundian Origin in order to establish strong group cohesion and unity. They started vegetable farming in June 2016 and engage in Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA). One group member named Donise said, "In our native Country we used to sow rampantly and transplanted without considering spacing…After training in agronomic practices by Nzamisi/UNHCR project we have applied the skills taught to us and we can see the difference. We are change agents now.”